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The public can access criminal, civil, probate, and family case records for all county and justice of peace courts in the county. To access any of these, simply select a court location from the drop-down list on the Records Inquiry webpage or click one of the links on the page.

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The public can also visit the offices of the county clerk and district clerk to view and request court records. The district clerk keeps such documents related to felony charges as criminal court records while the court clerk provides court dockets for misdemeanor charges. Use the Denton County Clerk's Real Property Search portal to find birth and death records as well as marriage licenses, plats, and property records.

Images of these records are not available online. To see these records and request for copies, visit any of the six offices of the County Clerk:. These offices open between Monday and Friday from a. The County Clerk also accepts mail requests for copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates.

It is also available in Spanish.

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Send the completed form along with the appropriate fee to:. Denton County Clerk P. For marriage certificate copies, complete the Marriage Record Copy Request Form and send it to the same address. I have an unusual request. I wondered if anyone knows where Flow Memorial Hospital records are now housed.

I know the hospital closed, but I would like to access a death record of some type for my great-grandmother who died at the hospital in April of Interestingly, when I went to get a copy of her death certificate from Denton County this past summer, they had no record of her death. I had the funeral home pull whatever information they had which was only a one sheet information sheet and I just received her social security application record from the federal government. But I think that the information from Flow if there is any might give me enough to have the county file a death certificate can they file delayed death certificates?

There is no record at the state level either. I figure that either it was never filed or it was filed under an incorrect name.

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The clerk at Denton County went through the record book but didn't find anything. The family researcher in me feels that she should have an official death certificate on record.

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Of course, the present day family knows when and where she died because we were there, but it would be nice to have in on record. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd welcome those, too. Thanks, Beth Randall bethran tx. Access has criminal penalities!

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You did not include her name so it is impossible to search for alternative names under which the certificate might be listed! Familysearch has her listed as Johanna Francis Callohau. Go figure! Thank you for the frank reminder about medical records. I guess I assumed that since the hospital was closed, I might could look at old records. I feel like an idiot now for suggesting it. It was just a long shot anyway. I've searched and searched using name alternatives in the Texas Death Index and in Denton County records. The clerk in Denton also did a record search for in the death book for to see if anything looked like her name, to no avail.

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