Faster ip lookups using controlled prefix expansion

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Dalal, U. Jha, R. Ramakrishnan , S. Sreedivya , M. Vinuraj, SJ. Antos, D. Hyesook, L. Yang, G.

Example: Configuring Routing Policy Prefix Lists

Xie, Y. Li, Q.

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Fu, A. Liu, Q. Li, and L. Lim, K. Lim, N. Lee, and K. Limkar, R. Jha, and S. Wuu, L. Computer Networks, Vol.

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Moestedt, A. Hot Interconnects VI, Srinivasan, V. Droplets with IPv6 enabled will only have PTR records enabled for the first IPv6 address assigned to it, not to all 16 addresses available. DigitalOcean Product Documentation. Move Resources. Add Keys to a DO Account. Add Keys to Existing Droplets. Connect with SSH. Connect with OpenSSH. Connect with PuTTY. Rebuild Droplets. Track Performance. Manage the Kernel. Switch to an Internal Kernel. Upgrade to the Latest Kernel. Boot into a Specific Kernel.

Destroy Droplets. Reset Droplet Root Passwords. Droplet Metadata. Tips on Downsizing Droplets. Regain Access using the Console. Recover from an Outgoing DDoS. Troubleshoot SSH Issues. Protocol Initiation. Shell Environment. Verify MDS Patch. Choosing a Plan. Create Clusters.

Connect to a Cluster. Configure Cluster Autoscaling. Add Block Storage Volumes.

IP Lookups Find Long Prefixes

Delete Block Storage Volumes. Create and Restore from Snapshots.

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Add Load Balancers. Configure Load Balancers. Delete Load Balancers. Set Up Basic Monitoring. Set Up Advanced Monitoring. Upgrade Clusters. Delete Clusters. Managed Kubernetes. Monitoring with Linkerd 2. Use Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. Clusterlint Error Fixes. Security FAQ. Block Storage Volumes. Create and Set Up Volumes. Move Volumes between Droplets. Increase the Size of Volumes.

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Partition Volumes. Expand Partitions. Naming Conventions. Managed Databases. Connect with psql. Import Databases. Schedule Automatic Updates. Manage Users and Databases. Modify User Privileges. Add Standby Nodes. Add Read-Only Nodes. Monitor Cluster Performance. Manage Connection Pools. Set Up Monitoring Alerts. Fork Database Clusters.

Configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS

Restore from Backups. Destroy Database Clusters. PostgreSQL Extensions. Troubleshoot Connectivity. Connect with mysql or mysqlsh. Troubleshooting Connectivity. Create Redis Clusters. Connect with Redli. Secure Redis Clusters. Monitor Redis Performance. Choose Eviction Policies. Memory Usage. Add and Remove Files. Organize Files with Folders. Set File Permissions. Set File Listing Permissions. Enable the CDN. Manage the CDN Cache. Customize the CDN Endpoint. Manage Access to Spaces. Set File Metadata. Cyberduck 6. Performance Tips. Snapshot Droplets. Create or Restore Droplets. Migrate Droplets.

Snapshot Volumes.

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Create Volumes. Change Snapshot Regions. Change Snapshot Owners. Delete Snapshots. Enable Backups. Convert Backups to Snapshots.