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Your refusal to answer phones makes it hard to cancel your su bscruption which is nothing but a rip off youneed tocancel mine. Arlene painter dontno how else to do it sonce no one isevrr able to answer. We have multiple channels to contact us. I will forward your request to our customer support and have your membership canceled and refunded.

How to Find Out Someone's License Plate Number | Synonym

Are you saying you have a stolen vehicle blocking your driveway? If this is the case you should contact the police about this matter. Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist you with. You will need to agree to the conditions of the license plate search before receiving results.

You might also contacting the police to file a hit and run report. You should contact the police, this is not something we can assist you with as we do not have an affiliation or any relationship with the police department. If you have a question about a license plate search or vehicle records lookup we can certainly assist you. Our New Mexico license plate resource typically have results for vehicle manufactured in the last 35 years. We can certainly lookup a license plate number to verify the information that is on record. Contact the DMV in your area 2.

Visit the DMV and show proof of identification 3. Request a title transfer confirmation 4. Get a printout so that you have it for your records 5. We can certainly assist you with a license plate number search however you will have to agree to the terms and conditions before performing a search to find license plate records, owner information, VIN number and more. Click here for a free 5 day trial where you can lookup license plate numbers free for 5 days. Visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau website 2. Enter a VIN Number from the car in question 3.

Also view vehicle history report. We should be able to locate the vehicle records for most license plate numbers. You will first need to agree to our terms and conditions of our license plate number search and then enter the license plate number and state of registration to proceed. I am trying to get in touch with the person that owns a vehicle and may possible sells it, but I only have the License plate number — can you help? In order to obtain license plate number information you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the license plate search.

The other option is to visit your local Motor Vehicle Department to obtain this formation. There was somebody else besides the owner of the car driving it he backed into my truck i wanted to tell the owner. Unfortunately this is not a situation that we can assist you with. You can leave a note to the vehicle owner describing what happened or you can call the police and have them notify the owner of the vehicle. Just checking my own tag as i will be viewing a travel trailer for purchase in the next 2 weeks and would like to make sure how this works. This car had been outside my house for 3 days now, it seems to come and go as I do, I think I have a stalker.

If you believe you have a stalker then you should notify the police. If you have the ability to get the plate number or can safely take a picture of the vehicle this will probably help the police track down this potential stalker. We do not have any affiliation with law enforcement so contacting them directly might be your best option.

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Are you OK? Are there injuries? Then you will want to notify your insurance company so they can evaluate the car accident. Thank you for the complement. Please let us know if we can assist you with a vehicle records search or locating any public records. If you can provide us with the VIN number we can lookup all the information about your vehicle, including the year it was manufactured. It sounds like you should contact the property manager about this parking situation.

We are merely a public records website. I was pulled over by police for a lapse in my registration insurance. What should I do to clear the fLagging while I am driving. It is unclear what you are asking specifically. We can certainly give you some assistance with a vehicle records search, traffic citation lookup or a license plate search.

Please let us know more specifically how we can help. Your best option is to contact the police about any suspicious vehicles. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with owner information. Click here to use our Free Police Department Finder. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a license plate owner search with the reason you mentioned. Your best bet is to file a police report and let them know what information you gave us. To change your license plate number to a new number or to get a custom license plate number, you will need to contact the DMV directly. Depending on what state you live in, the process may vary on how to change your license plate number.

Visit the DMV online or in person 2. Request to have your license plate number changed 3. Pay the relevant fee for a new license plate number 5. Receive you new license plates via mail 6. Processing may take several weeks. Your best bet at recovering your vehicle is to contact the police and file a police report. If you have a loJack system or Onstar this will certainly help the police to find your vehicle. If you want to provide us with your vehicle information we can search our vehicle records database for you. It is possible to find the VIN number from the license plate number.

You can start by running a Vehicle History Report to see what registration information is available. If you cannot ascertain the last time the vehicle was registered you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and request this information. Since they are the managing agency for vehicle registrations they will know, however you will probably need to visit them in person. The VIN number is a 17 digit alpha numeric code that is unique to each vehicle. If the vehicle registration date is not available then contact the relevant state DMV and request this information in person. You should contact the police immediately and file a hit and run report with the police and notify your insurance company.

Provide them all with pictures, vehicle and license plate information and a detailed description of what happened. Get the license plate number of the vehicle 2. Contact the police to report the incident 3. Fill out an accident report with the police 4. You should contact the San Antonio police about a stolen vehicle. Keep calm and call the police department 2. Request to have a police report filled out 3. Report the incident to your insurance company. I just used the site to verify that I had correctly remembered the plate number of a car that I used to own that was involved in an accident, long story.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you. I am not comfortable with my vehicle information, my name or address on your site for the sake of my family. What can I do about this? If you can provide us with your information, name and address and license plate number we can have our customer service team remove your information from our database. This may take a couple weeks to process. This is a license plate lookup and vehicle records blog. You may have reached out to the wrong party. We can assist you with public records but we are not involved with the sale or purchase of any vehicle.

If we can be of assistance please elaborate. A Hit and Run accident should always be reported immediately to the police and your insurance company. If you are injured you should first seek medical attention. Make sure to give them as much information as possible such as their license plate number, color and make and model of the vehicle that hit you.

I return home and there is a snow covered car in my driveway. In order to obtain information about a car that used to belong to you and your father you will need to contact the relevant Department of Motor Vehicles in the state you reside in. Unfortunately we cannot assist you directly with this as we have no affiliation with any state or government agency. A car has,been parked outside my mothers work on several occasions and when approsched they drive off…tag is.. IF you feel there is a suspicious looking vehicle then you should contact the police and give them as much information as possible.

If you have the ability to take a photo that would also help but please keep in mind that you should only attempt this if you feel that it is safe. You might also talk to your neighbors about this as a neighborhood watch is never a bad thing and can help to police your own neighborhood. If you feel that a vehicle is putting you and your family in danger then you might consider reporting this to the police. We have signs posted that clearly say guest parking only and those who choose to park there that are not guests are subject to being towed.

I am a member of a volunteer HOA group and would like to look up owners information before we tow their vehicle so we dont inadvertently tow a guests car. Will your service be of legal use? Thank You. Unfortunately the reason you mentioned does not abide by our terms and conditions.

Please read the terms of our license plate search carefully before proceeding to perform any vehicle record lookup. In order to lookup a College Campus parking violation you will want to talk to the college police. This is typically handled separately from the city police department. Our recommendation would be to keep contacting that law enforcement agency to follow up on any leads they might have. Honda minivan from blue or black.

Creeping through apt complex after I ran off people in dumpster. It is unclear what your question is and how we can assist you. Unfortunately that does not fall under our terms and conditions to perform a license plate number lookup. You might consider contacting your HOA or the property management company of their home. Thanks for the feedback Chuck, we strive to offer the most up to date detailed vehicle records. Our license plate lookup resources are vetted for accuracy.

Please use the vehicle records you find responsibly. We are uncertain what your request is. We would be happy to assist you with a public record or vehicle record search. That being said if you feel that you have a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood you should contact the police. We cannot assist anyone without reading and agreeing to the specific terms and conditions of the license plate number lookup for the very specific reasons listed on our website. Some of the license plate information depending on the state and availability of what is listed as public record.

Some information obtained in the license plate search might be outdated or incorrect as there are delays or mistakes in the reporting of such to public record databases. Also note that it is illegal to harass or stalk or use the information for illegal purposes. Please use the information you obtain in the SearchQuarry.

It is a crime for someone to throw an object at a moving vehicle. If you have the license plate number of the vehicle that threw something at you then your best course of action is to contact the police and file a report. In Oklahoma there are lots of Native American tribes that issue license plates. Can these be searched here as well?

That is a good question about Native American License Plates. That being said, we do not have access to the Native American License Plate information. You will need to contact the relevant Native American Tribe to inquire about a vehicle that has been registered within that Tribal Nation. Some Native American Tribes issue license plates for official use only and some Tribes issue license plates for person and official use. The issuing and registration of Native American License Plates vary with different tribes.

These license plates are recognized by the state and local governments. Hi, I need help to find a license plate.

We're sorry for any inconvenience, but the site is currently unavailable.

Can anyone help? Your best option is to contact law enforcement and provide them with the license plate number. Our resources need the state and the license plate number to determine who the vehicle belongs to. You can visit the DMV and request license plate information depending on the nature of your request. In order to use our Free license plate number lookup you will need to have the full plate number and state of registration. Then you must read through and agree to the terms and conditions of our license plate lookup tool before obtaining any results. Your cancellation request has been sent to our customer support team and will be processed today.

Please reach out if there are any additional vehicle record searches you need assistance with including; license plate lookup, VIN Lookup or Vehicle History Reports. This will have all the specs on your vehicle The license plate number lookup might not reveal as much as a VIN search. If you can provide us with the 17 digit alpha-numeric VIN number code we are happy to assist you. Can I look up trailer plates? Theres no title or anything, and we know nothing about it. Virginia plate, Permanent Trailer. Our free license plate lookup resources are for vehicles only, including; cars, trucks, suvs and motorcycles.

You might consider contacting the Virginia DMV about the trailer information. You can always request a replacement title through the DMV. Please let us know if we can help you with a license plate number lookup or a VIN lookup. We have over 2 billion public records in our online database. Let us know how we can assist you. I have a small metal tag from a something.

I found it out in the desert in Arizona. Unfortunately we do not have any records from the license plate number of that vehicle from You might want to check with your local DMV for more information about that old license plate number. You will want to return the license plate to the DMV as they are the managing agency for vehicle license plates. What does this stand for an what may they be worth.

Or who are the family members that they may belong to.

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You might want to consider contacting the Georgia DMV for more information about these old Georgia license plate tags. Sorry for the inconvenience, click here to link to our free license plate lookup. Hi i was in an accident this morning snd the lady didnt have her insurance imformation with her,am i able to get her insurance imformation by putting in her plate number. Hopefully everyone is alright.

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You will want to contact the DMV and file a vehicle accident report and request insurance information. You can also notify your insurance company that the at fault party did not have proof of insurance on them. If you received an accident report from the police then you should give that to your insurance company as well. I did a VIN search. I paid the We certainly appreciate the feedback with our Free License Plate Number Lookup and we mention in our terms and conditions that some license plate information might be limited depending on the state where the vehicle is registered and the availability of those public records.

We are happy to issue you a refund but please allow a few business days for this refund to be reflected on your bank statement. Please contact our customer support to find out more about your License Plate Number Lookup. Below is our contact information for your convenience. All information is correct. I have the VIN, I need the license plate number.

You can call our customer support team, listed below to help you process your credit card transaction. If you cancel within that 5 days then you will pay nothing. Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance. If you are attempting to report a driver that is driving recklessly or endangering others then you should reach out to the relevant police department and report this vehicle and license plate number.

We are a public record website where you can lookup vehicle records and public records online.

6 Things You Should Know Before Looking Up The Owner Of A License Plate Number

We do not guarantee that we will have the results that you are looking for. We only guarantee that you are satisfied and we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not. That being said, you must read and agree to our terms and conditions before using our vehicle record resources. Sam, you should contact the police and file a police report and report this to your auto insurance company. We are a public record website and cannot assist you with locating a stolen vehicle. Below is a link to Police Department Finder. Free Police Department Finder. My car was hit in grocery parking lot.

A stranger handed me this plate number and said this car hit me. I am trying to find the driver for insurance number. That is very unfortunate news but at least a good Samaritan was looking out for you. That being said you should contact the police and file a hit and run report and then also notify your insurance company if you need to get repairs to your vehicle and they can help guide you through the process of getting this incident handled.

How and how long Do I have to cancel. You have 5 days from the day you signed up before the full monthly membership kicks in. If you are past the 5 days we are happy to issue a full refund. In order to obtain a temporary license plate you will need to reach out to the Motor Vehicle Department in the state you are registering your vehicle.

You will most likely need to visit the DMV office in person and request this temporary license plate as well as show your ID and proof of purchase or vehicle title transfer. Please cancel me out. We are happy to assist you with cancelling your subscription and refund any charges incurred for our Free License Plate Number Lookup. Please allow a few days for any refunds to be reflected in your bank or credit card statements. Please reach out if we can assist you with any additional license plate lookup inquiries.

If you are interested in finding the history of a vehicle then you will want to run a VIN check or a Vehicle History Report.

Private Investigator reveals TRUTH about tracing a license plate (& a small rant!)

A license plate search will not necessarily give you the history of the vehicle. Can we assist you with our license plate number lookup resources? Are you looking to reinstate old vehicle tags? I sold my 92 blazer k to my brother in law who turned around and sold it to someone else around 17 years ago.

I would love to find it. Is there any way I could locate from just that info?? Unfortunately looking up the Chevy Blazer registration with the license plate number you provided is not possible with our services. You will need to contact the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Department about this for more information. With the Free License Plate Number Lookup you can view the vehicle information for free but if you want to see additional information you must signup for our membership.

click For this situation you will want to contact your local police department and report the vehicle and license plate number. Unfortunately, this is not a matter we can assist you with. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with this free license plate number lookup because it does not fall under our allowed circumstances for looking up vehicle owners by license plate number.

Your situation is a matter for the police to resolve. Just make sure to give them as much information as possible and they will probably need you to show proof of where you live as well as the vehicle license plate number and information. He would have had to swap the registration during his lunch break. Worse yet, the incoming citations seemed to apply retroactively. The fines were all sent by a private company called the Citation Processing Center, which, well, processes parking citations.

But calling them, Tartaro says, proved fruitless. Trying to speak to a manager went nowhere. Tartaro declined, worried about potentially losing the paper record of the misallocated fines. He had given them an example of a specific ticket he had gotten that implicated a Honda.

Taranto shared a side by side comparison of his paper copy and the apparently altered database version as part of his Defcon talk. Tartaro next turned to the DMV, which he says worked with the Citation Processing Center to void out the bulk of tickets that had errantly come his way. More tickets continued to trickle in. The database still had him pegged. Even through all this, Tartaro remained mostly unconcerned. The CPC was just a private company; he could keep working with the DMV to void the fines as they came in, which was an annoyance but not a catastrophe.

He had successfully registered his car the previous year despite CPC citations piling up. But just days before Defcon, according to Tartaro, he says he received a notice that the California DMV would not let him renew his registration unless he actually paid some of those fines. The situation has improved somewhat in recent days, at least.

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  4. If anything, Null says, the problem has gotten worse over the years. Most states have their own distinctive color scheme, logo, and registration number format for license plates. The Washington, D. We tap into a vast network of government, auto industry and non-profit sources. By making this database searchable, we give you free access to one of the most complete sources of vehicle information.

    In some cases, our free license plate lookup may pull up records for more than one vehicle.