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They also have indexes to naturalizations held by other National Archives regional offices and many other repositories, so please read the descriptive information for the databases you search on these sites to determine where any records you find are located.

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These sites require a subscription, but they are available for free public use at any National Archives research facility. They may also be available at your local library.

Ancestry has put the following indexes online. The names of the databases are in italics, and they are located in Ancestry's Immigration Collection:. Fold3 formerly Footnote has put several of our microfilm series pertaining to naturalization records online. See the next section on Records and indexes on microfilm for details.

Petitions for naturalization filed through Federal, state, and local New York City courts prior to October have been digitized and are now available on Ancestry. State Labor Law also requires every employer to post a copy of New York State Correction Law Article A, which deals with the licensing and employment of individuals convicted of crimes. The information must be posted in a place accessible to employees.

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Personal Record Review — Unsuppressed. If there is no IdentoGo Enrollment Center near you, please follow these procedures:. E-Mail: RecordReview dcjs. This form requires you to provide your annual gross total household income and your household size. You must complete the form, sign it and have the form notarized. The form must be complete and returned to support your request.

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This form will be included in the packet mailed to you. Individuals who have no convictions on their record for at least 10 years and have no charges pending may apply to a court to request that certain New York State convictions be sealed:.

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  • Your browser does not support iFrames. Navigation menu. CPL In the state of New York, the official registration of birth records started in For records before in Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers or before in any other city you need to write to the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the city where the registrant was born.

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    You can also submit it by hand to the nearest Health Department if you live in New York. Make sure that a check drawn on a United States Bank or an international money order with the fee for copying the Birth Record is also sent.

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    New York death records are filed and archived under the authority of the States Department of Health. They began keeping records as early as However, the State Department of Health does not keep records that occur within New York City, if you are looking for records that occur within New York City, you will need to turn to the New York City Municipal Archives, where it is divided deepening on the time of death.

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    For death records that occurred in New York City before , the Department of Records was in charge, and you may request they search their records and send a certified copy. From to the present, you will need to turn to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, they hold the records for the deaths of those who died in New York City, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, if the death was before the Municipal Archive will be responsible.

    The same general requirements must be met for anyone requesting records outside the city of New York.