How to find a relative buried in the uk

Every local authority provides details about how they carry out public health funerals in their area and practices can vary.

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Councils have a responsibility for people who died within their boundary and may not take into account where the person had lived. Sometimes when someone dies, no next of kin can be found. In other circumstances, families may be unable, or unwilling, to pay for the funeral.

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The person who has died may have been cared for by the local authority, been homeless, or living alone. In some cases, a family may be notified about the death of a relative they had been estranged from.

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  5. The family may be unable or unwilling to pay for the funeral, especially if the person who died left no estate from which to recover the funeral costs. When this is the case, the next of kin will be asked to make a written statement to confirm that they are not prepared to arrange the funeral.

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    The law says that if someone has written a will, it is the duty of the executor to arrange and pay for their funeral if the person did not leave enough of value to cover their own funeral costs. However, some people leave very little behind from which to cover the cost of their funeral.

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    Family members may not have the financial resources themselves. If they are satisfied that the person who died left insufficient funds to cover the cost of a private funeral and their family members provide a written statement disclaiming responsibility, then the council will arrange the funeral.

    The estate includes any money, savings or property that someone had, but does not include a house or personal things left to a widow, widower or surviving civil partner. When a person dies in hospital and their family cannot be traced, the hospital will usually make the funeral arrangements. Family members cannot request specific funeral times. Public health funerals are usually conducted at crematoria, unless the authorities are aware the person had religious beliefs which deem burial an important rite, or the person had expressed a written wish to be buried.

    Most local authorities will include a short committal ceremony for the person who has died, in the chapel or at the graveside.

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    A council representative will attend the funeral, if no other mourners are expected to attend. In some local areas, it is possible for families to arrange for a religious minister or civil celebrant to be present at the funeral, but they will be asked to take responsibility for this themselves. Argent Posts: Forum Member. Wii Unfit Posts: Forum Member. It could also be a tricky process if you have limited information and your brother has a common name. I think more recent birth records also include the maiden name of the mother which can also help.

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    If he passed away suddenly there may have been an inquest or reports in the press which may also provide more information. I guess it is a bit of a sensitive topic to discuss with your Mum who could help with this. I've got an account on Ancestry, I'd be happy to see if I can help if you PM me any details you do have.

    Thank you, unfortunatly my mum passed away, the reason I want to know about my brother is I wanted to scatter her ashes on his grave. She has been sitting in the dining room for long enough bless her.

    I have a genes reunited account but have had no luck on that, I will try BMD as you suggested, thanks. Just had a look and it is England and Wales only.

    London, England: Westminster Abbey

    Smiley Posts: 6, Forum Member. Was going to suggest Scotland's People but that just holds some of the details of the death, not where burial tool place.