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It's hard to verify what transpired during the conversation between Wentz and the retired secretary. The Plain Dealer tried to contact the secretary in person and left a letter at her home in Barberton, but she did not respond. Wentz, after talking to her, shared information with Norris, an expert. Wentz said the secretary told her that Doherty would ask her to leave the office early when certain babies - not all -- were brought to be relinquished by their birth mothers and given to adoptive parents.

The secretary wasn't sure, but she thought Doherty made the decision to give the babies to them outside of the of the Catholic Welfare Society's process because the parents might not have passed the normal screenings to adopt. Karendal's adoption might have been one of those "on the side" adoptions. But why, she wondered, if her adoption was private, did the paperwork say otherwise? And did the birth mothers who worked with Doherty know some of the placements weren't through a church-based organization?

Another problem, according to what Wentz learned after talking to Summit County court officials, adoptees and reviewing paperwork, was that not all of the adoptions, even the private ones, appeared proper. Important documents were missing signatures, were incomplete or possibly not filed with courts. Wentz told Norris about one case where a man found out after his adoptive mother's death, when dealing with her estate, that he was never legally adopted. In another case Wentz found, a boy's birth mother hadn't signed paperwork to relinquish him so his adoption wasn't final until he was in first grade.

Norris was concerned because those situations would go beyond unethical, they'd be illegal. Wentz had estimated that as many as 25 or 30 adoptions had clear problems. Karendal's half-sister, Marcia Greening, was thrilled to meet siblings but doesn't have the same urge to dig up the past or to question whether Doherty skirted the rules because she was progressive for the time, or whether she had less-than-genuine intentions.

Greening and an adopted brother were both placed with her parents, who, in their 50s, were considered too old to adopt at the time. She said her parents, who had fostered children for over a decade, were simple and generous people. Whatever she did, if it was unethical or ethical, she did her place children in loving home," Greening said.

Not official Catholic adoptions. Officials from Catholic Charities told The Plain Dealer this week that, though they can't be positive, they believe they ended up with the records from the box Doherty's nephew dropped off after her death.

Some confusion, they said, might come from the fact that though Doherty's agency was called Catholic Welfare Society, it was never directly governed by what is now known as Catholic Charities or the diocese. In fact, it is unclear why but Barberton was specifically excluded back in from what was referred to as the Catholic Service League of Akron and later the Catholic Service League of Summit County, said Lisa Black, an attorney for Catholic Charities, who researched diocesan archives and state records.

It once was housed in Red Cross offices, and other archival documents showed it operated under the rules of the Barberton-Norton United Way, but as far as she can tell was never incorporated with the state. It did, however, get some money from the diocese over the years, officials said. It may be because of the assumed affiliation that Catholic Charities ended up with the records. Doherty did work for the Catholic Service League in Summit County for nine years before she headed Catholic Welfare Society from until , according to her obituary.

She had degrees from both Loyola University in Chicago and Case Western Reserve University and was well-connected in the church community. Also unclear is whether Catholic Charities ended up with records Doherty kept from the agency or from personal files of babies she placed privately with families. Gareau, in an interview, initially said it appeared the way some of the adoptions were carried out was "not appropriate.

The answer, he said is "We just don't know. Records still elusive. Despite hitting dead ends, Karendal continues to search for answers, if they exist. When Wentz was laid off due to budget constraints she'd logged three of the eight file cabinets that held Summit County adoption records. Record Description. FamilySearch Resources. Ohio Guided Research. Ohio Record Finder. Research Tips and Strategies. Step-by-Step Research. Ohio, United States Genealogy.

Ohio Vital Records. Ohio Archives and Libraries. FamilySearch Catalog. Related Websites. Ohio Death Indexes. Ohio Genealogy. Don't overlook items in the FamilySearch Library Catalog. This can help you locate additional records to search for information on your family. Collection Citation: A citation will be available on the Collection Details page when the collection is published.

Jeanette was born My name is Kari I am the Adoptee's daughter. My father passed away in He had researched this in and found several family members. The records of details of his adoption were not available. Hoping things have changed and we can learn more now all these years later. Jeanette was in contact with her son for his first years. All living in Ohio at the time of Bernard's birth. All Other Information: Adopted from St. He would like to know his heritage and birth family.

We think that she was 3 years of age when adopted. OH County adoption took place: Cuyahoga County? Boyle Email Address: kathyrossi comcast. Robert passed away on I am interested in finding. Out his nationality and any medical information that's available. I have no Info. On the birth father. Email Address: barb yahoo. Other children were taken out of home except Donna Mae,who was kept for adoption. The children services in Ohio placed them in an orphanage home on Mound St. Columbus, Ohio Siblings names are Norma Snodgres?

I question the birth mother name due to conflicting information I've found with regard to her and the birth father Virgil Givens via genealogy research. My father and mother both visited his birth father before my father went into the Army, or before they left for Germany with the Army. To the best of my knowledge both birth parents are deceased. Allegedly my father was given up for adoption due to birth parents divorce. Therefore, I am really only looking for genealogy information as I have no desire to intrude on other people's lives. I'm more curious as to my heritage.

I'd be open to meeting birth family members if they're found or interested, but I understand people's need for privacy as well. Adoptive father born in Germany approximately , last name Rieker, immigration changed the spelling to Ricker when he arrived in America, died Adoptive mother born in West Virginia approximatley , died Daniel Ricker Jr. We have no info about birth mother. Adoptee Birth Date:?


Email Address: beverlyarmstrong52 yahoo. Heart Desease, Lung Cancer, Alheimers. State adoption took place:? Country Adoption took place: USA? Adoptive Mothers Name:? Email Address: marybeth56 yahoo. Frances W. No info on birth father but possibly the name Bennett is part of that connection as it is not a family name? Birth sibling looking for adopted birth sister. We finally have a birth name and d. Update Birth mother had blue eyes and dark brown hair. Email Address: immarine1 earthlink. My talent for music must have come from somewhere.

OH County adoption took place: Lucas County? She never knew who her birth parents were and her children are trying to track down any information we can on any living relatives she may have that are alive or her heritage. Her birth father may be from Greece. All we know is that her birth parents left her on a milk truck knowing that Jewel and frank Blair would take her in and adopt her. Dorothy Jean Blair was 5'4" tall, she had brown hair and brown eyes.

No info on birth parents. All Other Information: My mother's birth parents. Possible address that has been given to me is Lincoln Ave Toledo, Ohio in?

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Casey Email Address: caseytherese live. All Other Information: Birth certificate states there was another child born and living at the time of this birth. The area for "Twin" is not marked although according to the county clerk, it is possible there was a twin. The adoptive father is the birth uncle to the adoptee. The birth mother was the adoptive father's half-sister. The birth mother was 17 or 18 years old at the time of the adoptees birth.

It leaves a range of time the first child was born. Looking for anyone who may have information on an adoption taking place in those years with the same birth mother. The mother was sent to Ohio to give birth but was living in Jamaica, New York at the time. She resided there from at least forward. She married Raymond Klitzke in and they never had any children. She died in Merced California in Update Lawrence is 5'9" tall, with light brown eyes and black hair, now gray. The birth mother had red or strawberry blond hair, from what I can tell in the photos.

Closest matches show Torres as a sir name. My father was not aware he was biologically related to his adoptive family until recently. He was told his birth family was Italian but it appears his birth father is of Puerto Rican descent. He was adopted and I am trying to find his birth parents for Genealogy History.

Update I believe he may have been born in? I have found this new information on the 's census records that were just released. Email Address: sameoldsue aol. Email Address: darlene bulmer. He was in the Miami Children's home in Maumee, Ohio. Until being adopted there were 3 other siblings also there but they were only fostered out because they were older. They have all found each other. We have been given 9 names of children with his birthday that were adopted from Toledo, Ohio but I have had no luck 3 of them have passed away.

I have also put in a request from the Lucas County Children's Services for a request to locate him and have not heard anything back. Also vital records could find no birth record. I and my mom have both done Ancestry DNA and have found no matches as of yet. I have the only picture of him and my grandmother there is since he was so young and would be willing to share it.

My mother and Ant are the only 2 of 5 children left and I have made it my goal to find him or what has happened to him. I also have contacted a couple of the people I have presumed maybe the children of the names given with no luck. Update I know Beatrice was 26 years old and Herman was 29 years old at the time of his birth.

My grandmother's was about 5'4" tall, with brown eyes and black hair. We do not know the color of his eyes. The child born on was a stillborn girl. I have found her birth certificate. All Other Information: I believe Adoption was completed on A name "Glen Glossen" or something like that, sticks in the back of my mind which may have been my actual birth name. All Other Information: Looking for birth father. I was adopted at age 2.

Born in OH and adopted in CA in I contacted the law firm of the attorney who handled my adoption I knew him growing up. The law firm was now run by his grandsons. They told me that all of their grandfather's legal files were destroyed after his death. I knew my birth mother and her her extended family throughout my life. She died in? I was told birth father was Normand Orlando Wright. He was married to my birth mother during the time of my conception and birth.

At the time of my birth, my birth mother was living with a man and his family in Indiana just outside of Cincinnati, where I was born. My birth grandmother, who was raising me, thought that Normand Wright was birth father and listed his name on paperwork used by attorney processing my adoption. I was told my birth certificate couldn't be found, until birth mother could be located. Birth mother said she had listed the man in the family she was living with in Indiana as my birth father. No one knows what his name is. He would likely be around 90 years old, if alive.

Normand Wright supposed birth father, but wasn't told me that birth mother was sexually involved with a man from Indiana or Ohio around the time I was conceived. Birth mother was living in El Paso, TX at this time, also. It was WWII. I want to know who is listed on my original birth certificate Ohio and what is in my adoption file California. Several important medical concerns. Normand Wright married birth mother after she was already pregnant with this child.

Normand Wright was listed as the baby's birth father which he wasn't. Horacio told the family that he was also the father with the same birth mother my brother and mine of a baby girl and that he had tried to adopt her also, but was unable to do so. I want to know if he was my birth father, and not the man in Indiana or was someone else. My birth mother told me she was sexually involved with many men. His daughters are thrilled to have family from their dad's birth mother, who I knew well, and the extended maternal birth family. No other opportunity to prove paternity that we have found.

Prior to my birth mother's death, she admitted that Horacio was my brother's birth and adoptive father. She refused to address if Horacio was my birth father. I have a 15 page document of my brother's adoption. I want to know what would be a compelling reason to have a judge be willing to order my file to be opened, especially with both birth mother, adoptive parents being deceased.

I also want to know is their a copy of my original birth certificate at Cincinnati General Hospital from? If so, how do I get access to that? Is their an archive record or auto licence plates at the DMV in Indiana from? I might have a license plate number of the family my birth mother was living with at the time of my birth. They had a close relationship with my birth grandmother throughout their lives. I was 2 years old when adopted. My adoptive Mother originally baby sat me prior to having adopted me.

Please help me find out who was listed on my original birth certificate. Was it my brother's birth father? Was it the Indiana man who might have been in El Paso in the Army at the time of my conception? I will follow through with any suggestions. I need direction. I know how to use the computer and will follow through, quickly. I am 67 years old and would like to find who my birth father and family are. I haven't tried to unseal my adoption records?

Will my age and birth and adoptive parents being deceased increase or decrease my chance for successful petition to unseal my adoption file? I have birth, death dates for all parents involved and other information about birth mother, if needed. Nothing definitive on birth father. Would like to read letters to CA court that "won" resulting in adoption records being unsealed.

Please contact me anytime about anything. I am eager to hear from you! Thanks so much for your willingness to help me. I have been looking for nearly 50 years!. City adoption took place: Toledo,? Email Address: sheltonkara msn. This child was a boy and was born sometime around?

The biological brother is looking for him. He just found out he had a brother by an Aunt. The birth mother has been deceased for three years now. The birth mother grew up in Henry County Ohio up until going to the unwed mothers home and returned there after giving birth and putting baby boy up for adoption. Email Address: gdarnell columbus. Mother was very evasive with my questions, and now is deceased. Their approximate ages would be: David, 73; Jimmy, 71; Eddy, 69; John, 65; Kathleen, 65 or 67; Steve, 61 and my age is 63, will be 64 in April.

These ages are rough guesses, as I was only 8 when I was adopted. I am also looking for John. We lost contact in? John's parents passed away around?

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John's birth date is Vincent's Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney:? MO according to my original birth certificate. Charles B. His birthplace is listed as Sioux St. Marie, MI. The strange thing on this certificate is his usual occupation is listed as unknown. I would think if you were married to someone, you would know something about them. According to what I was told, her husband has been in England for 2 years when I was born.

I assume he was in the service. Adoption Agency or Attorney: C.

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All Other Information: Searching for any birth relatives to find out about my birth family and medical background. Birth father was in the Army at time of my birth. Not sure if he and birth mother ever married. Update Birth mother was 18 years old at time of birth. Birth father was 20 years old. I am 5'11" tall, with blue eyes. Stated usual address as E. Gay Street Columbus, Ohio. Email Address: nkatalanos gmail. My mother is unable to give more detail.

Father might be named Kelly or might be adoptees name.

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Adoptee Birth Hospital: St. Adoptive Fathers Name: Patrick J. Holland Email Address: jlocy aol. Smith Email Address: pcindykay2 bellsouth. All Other Information: I am trying to find my significant others birth family at his request.

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She was born in Clarksburg W. Father's name is not on birth certificate. His birth certificate shows he has a sibling. Birth mother was single. He was born with brown eyes and brown hair, weighed 6 lbs. Birth Certificate signed my C. Beatty M. Birth mother voluntarily gave him up and placed him in the home of the Smiths. The adoption was handled in the Probate Court of Summit County. Case No A, Docket 6, page Judge Dean F. Adoptee Birth City:?. All Other Information: My dad was adopted.

He has met his birth mother but "doesn't want to talk about it". The adoption records are open in Cuyahoga to adoptions prior to but my dad would have to sign the forms. I dont know what else to do. My dad's birth mother has since passed away. Foultz Adoptee Birth Fathers Race:? My brother, Daniel and I were adopted together by the Wagoner's. I was 3 years old at the time of the adoption and my brother was an infant.

To my knowledge the above mentioned siblings were never put up for adoption. I am just looking for information on medical history. Any help would be appreciated. Email Address: hannieva yahoo. From through my Aunt Verna had at least 8 to 9 children. We have found several, but not the first 3 -Donna Marie, Colleen Ann d. There were born? I do have birth certificates for Colleen and Edward, but not Donna.

All 3 children were placed for adoption at the same time, but unknown if they stayed together. Both of them have since passed away. I am trying to research on behalf of my husband, James Lee Ginther Jr. I learned from Bob Fitzgerald's obituary that his mother's name was Marcella Burton but have also learned she may have married a man named Bowman before marrying Bob's father also Bob Fitzgerald. The curious part I found so far in my research is that the adopted child my father-in-law was born 3 years after his half-brother.

I believe I found Marcella's information on ancestry. I contacted the person who has her listed in their tree but have not gotten a reply as of yet. Update Birth mother, Marcella Burton, was about 24 when she delivered baby James. I also recently learned that his birth father was Robert James Fitzgerald, who was a Merchant Marine.

We have no other information on his birth father, Robert James Fitzgerald nor do we know physical characteristics of either parent. James Lee Ginther was 5'10" tall. Denny Adoptee Birth Fathers Race:? Dudley Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name:? Adoptive Fathers Name: Lewis M. Dudley Email Address: mcdansg aol. He was from East St. My very loving adoptive parents are both deceased.

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If still alive would not be searching. I am a mother and grandmother and would like more info about my roots. Would like to meet my former family but do not wish to upset anyones lives. It would be nice to know who I looked like and who I take after and most importantly any family medical history that they may wish to share. Not for me as much as my daughter and her son. Thank you for listing this information for me.

All Other Information: Biological mothers birth date is I have just been told I may have a form of ms also. Update Found Delores powers sister june Zeffler. Unfortunately she has not spoken to Delores in years. Older sister of dolores powers in nursing home in ohio.

Her name is Mildred Pursley, goes by Icee Pursley. Last known contact info for dolores powers was Baldwin Pl, Winchester, Tennessee ? Dolores Power's has two children with deceased husband Mr Powers?

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  4. Grady was an sheriff in Winchester TN. She told me that mom's father is Bill William Lawson and 2 years ago he was living in Kentucky? I still need to find my grandpa too. Adoptee Birth County:?

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    4. Email Address: mikeandjodI2 sbcglobal. She told us on her death bed. She told us it was from a rape. Therefore we do not know the fathers name. Genetic markers suggest at least 1 parent to be part Native American. I am very ill and would love to see or talk to one or more of them.

      Prior to this I was in other Foster homes and an orphanage. I was taken from my mother when I was about 3 or 4. I never met my Father and I do not remember much about being with my mother. I was adopted by the Myers's in I would like to know if anyone knows about my biological parents and if I have any siblings. My mother was a Housewife.

      I appreciate your help very much. Thank You. Adoptee Birth Date: Adoptee Gender:? Email Address: tootsw chartermi.