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Are there resources my company could utilize if I hire someone with a criminal record? A conviction is a final judgment such as by a guilty verdict that a person is guilty of a crime. When reviewing an applicant's criminal history, remember to look out for missing, duplicative, or misleading information, which are all very likely to exist on a report. Remember, these reports do not give you a full picture of the person applying for a job.

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New York State Law requires you to take the time to find out more from the individual at an interview or from other verifiable sources in order to make a fair and more accurate assessment of the job seeker. Here are some important things to keep in mind:. H elping I ndividuals with criminal records R eenter through E mployment.

Protecting yourself when using criminal background checks The National HIRE Network recognizes that employers have legitimate concerns about hiring job applicants with criminal records. What type of notification is required?

There are many ways in which a criminal action can be favorably terminated: The complaint, accusation or charges were dismissed; The individual was acquitted by a jury; A guilty verdict was set aside by the court; Example: The trial court determines—after a guilty verdict has been rendered, but before sentencing—that new evidence or a new legal ground warrants dismissal of the charges against the defendant and does not order a new trial.

Prior to filing of a complaint or information, the prosecutor elects not to prosecute the individual; or The arresting police agency elects not to proceed further. Laws Governing Employers' Consideration of Conviction Records Can I refuse to hire an applicant because he or she has a criminal record? First, employment may be denied if there is a direct relationship between the criminal offense committed and the employment sought. Second, employment may be denied if the applicant would pose an unreasonable risk to property or the safety or welfare of others.

This includes a risk to specific individuals or the general public. How do I determine whether either of these exceptions apply?

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The duties and responsibilities related to the job sought. The amount of time that has elapsed since the occurrence of the criminal offense or offenses. This refers to how long is has been since the applicant committed the offense, not how long it has been since the applicant was convicted. In some instances, the date of the conviction may be years after the applicant actually committed the offense. The seriousness of the offense or offenses. The interest in protecting property, and the safety and welfare of specific individuals or the general public.

Individuals who have no more than one felony conviction and any number of misdemeanor convictions , may apply for a certificate of relief from disabilities. Each certificate applies to only one offense, so an applicant may have more than one certificate of relief from disabilities. Individuals who have two or more felony convictions and any number of misdemeanor convictions may apply for a certificate of good conduct.

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An applicant will not have more than one certificate of good conduct, as it applies to all previous convictions. In order to receive this certificate, the individual must have remained out of prison for at least 3 to 5 years. Both types of certificates are granted only after a parole officer conducts an investigation and determines that the individual has been rehabilitated. How do I weigh the factors? While the manslaughter conviction was more recent, she received the minimum sentence, was considered a model parolee, and had relevant prior work experience.

The judge found that had the employer properly considered the factors under Article A, he could not have reasonably concluded that she should be disqualified from employment. City of New York v. City Civil Service Commission, An applicant for a firefighter position was found to be an unreasonable risk to property and the welfare and safety of the general public based on his drunken driving convictions and disciplinary actions received in past employment. The court held that he was properly denied employment. Grafter v. Soto-Lopez v.

What is an adequate hiring procedure? See attached. Both credits may be taken for up to five consecutive years, beginning with the first tax year in which Empire Zone wages are paid. The bond is immediately available with no paperwork or deductible. These organizations provide free human resource support that can ultimately reduce your staffing expenditures, help fund support for on-the-job training, support recruitment, training and retention, reduce your hiring risks, and get you motivated employees.

See attached list of local employment service providers.

An arrest is the taking or keeping of a person in custody by legal authority. When someone is arrested, it does not mean that he or she has committed a crime or has been found guilty of an offense. Law enforcement officials only need a reasonable belief that an individual has committed or is committing a crime to place him or her under arrest.

This reasonable belief is less than the proof and certainty necessary to convict someone in court. Felony : An offense for which a sentence of imprisonment in excess of one year may be imposed.

Here are some important things to keep in mind: Verify the accuracy of the information with the applicant. The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services maintains over 4 million rap sheets, and it is not unusual for the records to contain errors. If a charge appears to be unresolved, duplicated or confusing, always ask the applicant for a clarification. Consider when the offense actually occurred. Illegal Reporting Items 16 Nov Tax liens seven years after payment.

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Accounts in collection after seven years. Civil suits after seven years. Civil judgments after seven years. Robyn K. Linked in Profile. Related articles. The best practice for any employer is to run a pre-employment screening, or….

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Have you ever run a background check on an applicant and gotten back…. Best practice is to always get background checks for employment purposes. They help…. Credit History. Criminal History. Customer Story.

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